Lego Instructions/Duplo/Winnie the Pooh

2975 Bouncing with Tigger
2976 Acorn Adventure with Piglet
2977 Eeyore and the Little Raincloud
2979 Build and Play in the Pop-Up 100 Acre Wood
2981 Pooh's House
2982 Pooh's Birthday
2983 Pooh and Tigger Play Hide and Seek
2984 Pooh and Piglet Go Honey-Hunting
2985 Tigger's Slippery Slide
2987 Welcome to the Hundred Acre Wood
2988 Surprise for Eeyore
2989 The Big Honeypot
2990 Tigger's Treehouse
2991 Pooh and the Honeybees
2993 Surprise Birthday Party for Eeyore
5945 Winnie the Pooh's Picnic
5946 Tigger's Expedition
5947 Winnie the Pooh's House