Lego Instructions/Adventurers/Orient Expedition

3380 Johnny Thunder Chupa Chups Promotional
3381 Lord Sam Sinister Chupa Chups Promotional
3382 Jing Lee the Wanderer Chupa Chups Promotional
7409 Secret of the Tomb
7410 Jungle River
7411 Tygurah's Roar
7412 Yeti's Hideout
7413 Passage of Jun-Chi
7414 Elephant Caravan
7415 Aero Nomad
7416 Emperor's Ship
7417 Temple of Mount Everest
7418 Scorpion Palace
7418 Scorpion Palace and Foam Scimitar
7419 Dragon Fortress
7420 Thunder Blazer
7422 Airplane
7422 Red Eagle
7423 Mountain Sleigh
7423 Mountain Sleigh (Kabaya Promotional)
7424 Black Cruiser
7424 Small Car
K7417 Orient Expedition in Mount Everest Kit
K7418 Orient Expedition in India Kit
K7419 Orient Expedition in China Kit
K7422 Orient Expedition World Travel Kit
KABORIENT Orient Expedition 3-Pack
VPORIENT Orient Expedition Value Pack with Free LEGO Backpack